Dakota Kai

Birth Name: Cheree Crowley

Born: May 6th, 1988

From: East Auckland, New Zealand

Billed Height: 5’6

Bio: Cheree Crowley is a Kiwi professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where she performs in their developmental territory NXT, under the ring name Dakota Kai. Crowley also wrestled internationally for the American promotions Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling as well as for Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, Australia, where she is a former PWWA champion. She also worked for Impact Pro Wrestling in New Zealand, where she is a former three-time IPW Women’s Champion.

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Category: NXT Results

Number One Contenders Battle Royal: Candice LeRae vs. Bianca Belair vs. Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mia Yim vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. MJ Jenkins vs. Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox vs. Xi Li vs. Alliyah vs. vs. Santana Garrett vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Shotzi Blackheart  vs. Kayden Carter vs. Hartwell vs.Vanessa Borne vs. Jessie vs. Catalina vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler eliminates Jenkins.

Belair eliminates Jessie.

Baszler eliminates Catalina.

Baszler eliminates Carter.

Nox eliminates Hartwell.

Baszler eliminates Santana Garrett.

Mia Yim eliminates Borne.

Blackheart eliminates Purrazzo. Purrazoo pulls Blackheart under the ropes and kicks her in the face.

Baszler eliminates Li.

Shirai elminates Catanzaro via a dropkick.

Belair launches LeRae into the ring post to eliminate her.

Martinez suplexes Yim over the top rope for the elimination.

Martinez and Baszler go nose-to-nose. Martinez and Bazsler trade stiff strikes. Baszler almost locks in the Krifuda Clutch. Martinez tries to dump Baszler over the top but Baszler counters, sending Martinez tumbling to the floor.

The final four are Nox, Baszler, Belair, and Shirai. Nox lands a splash followed by multiple running elbows on Belair and Baszler. Nox crushes both Baszler and Belair with running cannonballs in the corner. Nox chokeslams Shirai on top of Baszler. Belair spears Baszler. Nox obliterates Belair with the Shiniest Wizard. Nox goes up top but Dakota Kai runs down to the ring and pulls Nox off the top rope to eliminate Nox. Kai hits Nox in the head with her old knee brace. Baszler puts Shirai in the Krifuda Clutch on the apron. Blackheart rolls back into the ring (she was never actually eliminated) and dumps Baszler over the top! Baszler has been eliminated! As Blackheart celebrates, Belair dumps Blackheart over the top. Belair and Shirai trade strikes. Shirai catches Belair with a 619. Shirai dives off the top but Belair catches Shirai in midair. Fallaway slam by Belair.

Shirai trips Belair into the corner. Shirai sits Belair on the top rope. Shirai and Belair fight on the top rope. Shirai tries a ranna but Belair counters and almost powerbombs Shirai off the top rope. Shirai and Belair fight on the apron. Shirai tries to German suplex Belair off the apron. Belair tries to roll into the ring but Shirai steps on Belair’s braid. Belair yanks her hair away, which causes Shirai to hit the apron hard. Shirai lands a few strikes but Belair drops Shirai with a vicious spear. Shirai German suplexes Belair. Running double knee strike by Shirai. Shirai tries her patented double under hook backbreaker but Belair rolls through and hits a KOD that sends Shirai flying out of the ring for the win.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Bianca Belair

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: January 29th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Backstage, Dakota Kai calls Mia Yim a hoodrat after revealing that she was the one who attacked Yim at War Games.

Dakota Kai vs. Rhea Ripley

Kai’s new Titantron is just a video of her destroying Tegan Nox at War Games. Ripley walks on the stage and says she set up Kai tonight. Mia Yim runs down the ramp and attacks Kai. Yim hits a running boot in the corner. Kai tries to run away but Ripley tosses her back into the ring. Yim kicks Kai in the face over and over again. Kai manages to boot Yim in the face. Yim launches Kai into the barricade facefirst. Yim does it over and over again. Yim and Kai fight into the backstage area. Shayna Baszler, Duke, and Shafir walk down to the ring. The Horsewomen attack Ripley. Baszler puts Ripley in the Kirifuda Clutch. Ripley tries to fight ou of it. Ripley tries to use the ropes to get to her feet. Shafir and Duke hold Ripley down by her arms until she passes out. Baszler says Ripley doesn’t know what she did when she asked for a title shot. Be careful what you wish for. On Dec 18th, Baszler wants a title match too.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: December 5th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Kai comes to the ring holding Nox’s knee brace. LeRae knocks Kai down and goes for her moonsault. Kai rolls out of the ring. LeRae lands a suicide dive. Step up senton by LeRae for a near fall. Kai trips LeRae, then slams her into the ring post. Kai boots LeRae in the face as she is tied up in the ropes. After the break, LeRae belly-to-back suplexes Kai on the apron. Both women are almost counted out. Back in the ring, LeRae hits a diving second rope tornado DDT. Kai headbutts LeRae. LeRae falls into the corner. Kai lands a running boot. Kai tries another but LeRae surprises her with a leaping head kick. Sunset bomb bu LeRae. LeRae misses her springboard moonsault. Kai hits the Kairopracter. LeRae kicks out. LeRae puts Kai in the Gargano Escape. Kai rolls out of the ring. LeRae tries a dive but Kai whacks LeRae in the head with Nox’s knee brace to cause a disqualification.

Winner- Candice LeRae

After the match, Kai sends LeRae into the ring steps, the apron, and the ring steps again. Kai grabs a chair. Rhea Ripley runs down to the ring and kicks the chair out of Kai’s hands. Kai runs away.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: December 5th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

WarGames Match: Team Ripley (Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, and Candice LeRae) vs. Team Baszler (Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, and Kay Lee Ray)

LeRae and Shirai start the match. LeRae and Shirai trade punches. LeRae tries a head-scissors but Shirai lands on her feet. Facebuster by LeRae. Shirai rolls to the other ring. LeRae tries to dive between the ropes but ends up eating an elbow from Shirai. Shirai lands two 619s followed by a Meteora on the ring post. Shirai walks the ropes to land a beautiful springboard dropkick. Bianca Belair is released out of the mini cage first. Belair double chicken wing drivers LeRae. Standing shooting star by Belair. Belair tries to powerbomb LeRae but LeRae turns it into a rana. Belair responds by triple powerbombing LeRae, the last of which was into the cage. Belair puts LeRae in a camel clutch. Shirai bounces off the ropes over and over again to get momentum before dropkicking LeRae in the face. Ripley is released from the mini cage next. Ripley hits Belair in the head with the cage door. Ripley tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring. Ripley inverted suplexes Belair on a trash can. Kay Lee Ray is released from Team Baszler’s mini cage next. Ray brings a bunch of chairs into the ring. Ray tornado DDTs Ripley on a chair.

Ripley tower of dooms Ray, LeRae, and Shirai on a bunch of chairs. Belair hooks the top rope so she avoids getting sent into the chairs. As Ripley lays on the mat, Belair hits a 450 splash out of nowhere! Dakota Kai is released next. Kai runs back to the mini cage and attacks Tegan Nox! Kai slams Nox into the mini cage over and over again. Kai slams the door on Nox’s head, then Nox’s previously injured knee. Kai slams the door on Nox’s knee over and over again. Baszler is watching from the other mini cage laughing hysterically. Regal tries to pull Kai away but Kai decks Regal. All Team Ripley can do is watch. Baszler is released next. Baszler slowly walks to the WarGames cage. Team Ripley is woefully overmatched. Baszler and Co all attack Ripley at the same time. Maura announces that since Kai has been escorted out of the arena and Nox isn’t medically cleared to compete WarGames officially starts right now. Pinfall and submissions are no legal. Ripley tackles Baszler while LeRae works over Shirai and Ray with a trash can lid. Ripley sends Belair into a trash can set up in the corner.

Ripley counters Ray’s tornado DDT into a suplex into the cage. Ripley puts Shirai in her clover hold on the top rope. Baszler puts LeRae in the clutch. LeRae launches Baszler off the top rope. LeRae hits her springboard moonsault. Belair breaks up the pin. Belair press slams LeRae from one ring to the other onto Ripley. Ray hits the Gory Bomb on LeRae. Shirai crushes LeRae with a moonsault. Ripley pushes Belair into Shirai to break up the pin. Belair hair whips Ripley. LeRae whips Belair with a kendo stick. Shirai climbs to the top of the cage.

LeRae hits an avalanche poison ranna off the top to Ray. Belair breaks up the pin. LeRae has Belair by the hair. Shirai dives off the top of the cage and hits a moonsault on Belair and LeRae. Ray leaps off the top rope but Ripley hits her with a trash can. Baszler sneaks up behind Ripley and locks in the Kirifiuda Clutch. Ripley takes the handcuffs Baszler had earlier and handcuffs herself to Baszler. Ripley escapes the clutch. Ripley hit Riptide on a bunch of chairs for the win!

Winners- Team Ripley

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: November 24th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

As soon as the bell rings, Kai is all over Ray. Ray almost hits her finish but Kai reverses it into a sunset bomb for a near fall. Kai tries thee GTK but Ray escapes and superkicks Kai in the back of the head. Ray stomps Kai in the corner. Ray gourd busters Kai for a near fall. Ray and Kai trade chops. Kai obliterates Ray with a standing double stomp out of the corner. That was nasty. Kai toe kicks Ray over and over again. Ray tries to send Kai into the ring steps but Kai counters, sending Ray into the steps. Kai blasts Ray with a running boot. Ray kicks out. Ray escapes the GTK again. Ray hits the Gory Bomb for the win.

Winner- Kay Lee Ray

After the match, the Smackdown women’s team hits the ring and attacks Kai and Ray. Team RAW and Team NXT both hit the ring. Sane hits the inSANE elbow on Nox. Sane and Shirai go face-to-face. Sarah Logan ruins the moment by attacking Shirai. Nikki Cross runs to ringside and lays everyone out with trash can lid shots.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: November 21st 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Backstage, Mia Yim says she is ready for tonight and War Games. Dakota Kai walks in and tells Yim there are no hard feelings after last week. If anything goes down tonight, Kai has Yim’s back.

Ladder Match (Winner’s Team Gets The Advantage at War Games) Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai

Shirai and Yim trade punches. Yim gets dumped to the outside. Suicide crossbody by Shirai. Yim and Shirai fight over the ladder. Yim slams Shirai on the ladder outside the ring. Shirai and Yim tussle over the ladder. Shirai kicks the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim slams the ladder on Shirai’s face. Yim boots Shirai off the apron. Shirai grabs Yim’s leg and yanks her out of the ring. Yim hits the floor hard. Shirai misses a ladder shot. Shirai sends Yim into the barricade. Yim slams Shirai’s head into the ring steps.

After a struggle, Yim manages to suplex Shirai on the ladder. Yim sets up the ladder in the corner. Shirai sends Yim into the ladder. Yim surprises Shirai with a dropkick. Shirai and Yim trade shots. Shirai chokes Yim in the ropes. Tiger feint kick by Shirai. Shirai crushes Yim with a flapjack. Yim belly-to-belly suplexes Shirai on the ladder. Shirai’s body hits the edge of the ladder. That was gnarly. Yim sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Shirai closes the ladder on Yim’s back multiple times. Shirai tries to set up the ladder. Yim lands Protect Your Neck. Yim picks up the ladder. Shirai hits a springboard dropkick that sends the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim’s face is gushing blood.

Shirai sets up the ladder. Shirai climbs the ladder. Yim gets up pulls Shirai off. Yim starts to climb. Shirai German suplexes Yim off the ladder. Running corner knee strikes by Shirai. Shirai knocks Yim off the top. Yim falls to the outside. Kai runs down to ringside and helps Yim up. Shirai moonsaults off the top, taking out Kai and Yim. Shirai starts to climb. Kai attacks Shirai. Kai powerbombs Shirai. Kai sends Yim back into the ring. Yim climbs the ladder. NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray hits the ring and topples the ladder Yim is climbing. Yim falls off the ladder to the outside through another ladder! Ray helps Shirai climb the ladder. Shirai pulls the briefcase down, winning the match.

Winner- Io Shirai

After match, Bianca Belair joins Ray and Shirai in the ring. Shayna Baszler walks out on the ramps. As Baszler is clapping for her team, Bayley sneaks up behind Baszler and hits her with a chair. Bayley hits her finish on Baszler on the NXT Women’s Championship.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: November 16th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles: Kabuki Warriors vs. Team Kick

Asuka starts off locking up with Nox. Asuka drops Nox with a kick & tags Sane. Sane and Nox trade strong strikes in the center of the ring. Sane and Nox end up on the floor and Nox gets sent into the steel stairs sending us to commercial.

Later in the match, Asuka was working over the leg of Dakota. Eventually, Dakota would get the tag to Nox who had a brief flurry which included a chokeslam before getting caught in a kneebar. The kneebar would be countered into an armbar by Nox and then it would break down as all four women would enter the ring and be laid out shortly thereafter. Asuka would spray the poison mist into the eyes of Dakota and Kairi sane would win the match with an elbow drop to the back of Kai.


After the match, The MMA Horsewomen hit the ring to try to take advantage of the fallen Team Kick, but Rhea Ripley is out for the save who gets attacked by Io Shirai who would get attacked by Candice LeRae and Bianca Belair would also join the fray.

All out bedlam would ensue only to be stopped by general manager William Regal who would announce set the first-ever women’s War Games match will take place at the next TakeOver.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: October 31st 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Team Kick vs. Duke & Shafir

The match began quickly but the Horsewomen were never able to really get out of the gate and a Shiniest Wizard gave Team Kick the win. After the match, Asuka and Kairi Sane would cut a promo in Japanese But would end the promo by saying that next week, the duo would have no chance.

WINNERS: Team Kick

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: October 28th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Dakota Kai vs Bianca Belair

The match started off with displays of power by Bianca. Dakota Kai would gain control And the match would go back-and-forth for some time Bianca would get a to count off of a standing Shooting Star Press.

Dakota would try to fight back with a push kick but ran into a KOD.

WINNER: Bianca Belair

After the match, Bianca would say that if Rhea Ripley wanted Shayna, she would have to go through her.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: October 10th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results

Dakota Kai vs. Taynara

Taynara mushes Kai. Kai kicks Taynara in the face. Kai goes up top. Taynara cuts Kai off with a kick. Kai falls to the mat. Taynara kicks Kai in the face. Judo toss by Taynara into a hook kick. Kai kicks out. Ax kick by Kai. Kai rabbit kick Taynara in the face over and over again. Taynara falls into the corner. Kai his a running boot in the corner. Kai lands the GTK for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: September 26th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results