Dakota Kai

Birth Name: Cheree Crowley

Born: May 6th, 1988

From: East Auckland, New Zealand

Billed Height: 5’6

Bio: Cheree Crowley is a Kiwi professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where she performs in their developmental territory NXT, under the ring name Dakota Kai. Crowley also wrestled internationally for the American promotions Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling as well as for Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, Australia, where she is a former PWWA champion. She also worked for Impact Pro Wrestling in New Zealand, where she is a former three-time IPW Women’s Champion.

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Category: NXT Results

Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Kai tags in Gonzalez. Ripley and Gonzalez trade strikes. Gonzalez knocks Ripley into her corner. Shirai tags herself in. Shirai lands a diving ranna that sends Gonzalez to the outside area. Shirai knocks Kai off the apron. Gonzalez catches Kai. After the break, Ripley is tossing Kai all over the ring. Gonzalez and Kai double team Ripley outside the ring.  Gonzalez and Kai take turns working over Ripley. Ripley manages to tag in Shirai. Shirai cleears the ring. Shirai lands a double knee strike to Gonzalez. Gonzalez falls out of the ring. Tiger Fient kick by Shirai on Kai. Kai kicks out.

Kai escapes Shirai’s back breaker attempt and almost hits the Kairopractor. Shirai counters with a ripcord knee strike. Gonzalez breaks up the pin. Gonzalez picks up Shirai. Kai blasts Shriai with a boot. Gonzalez powerslams Shirai. Shirai kicks out. Mercades MArtinez pulls Ripley off the apron. Ripley hits her head on the ring steps. Shirai manages to make it back to her corner. Ripley pushes Shirai out of the way of a charging Kai. Ripley tags herself in. Ripley stumbles into the ring. Gonzalez boots Ripley in the face. Gonzalez hits her one-armed powerbomb for the win.

Winners- Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: September 11th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Io Shirai vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez

Shirai hits her head on the mat as she tries to evadnShirai into the ring. Kai starts to work on Shirai’s arm, that she rammed into the ring post earlier in the match. Shirai surprises Kai with a roll up. Kai kicks out and follows up with a clothesline. Kai puts Shirai in an arm figure-four lock. Shirai escapes and hits a palm strike. Tiger feint kick by Shirai. springboard dropkick by Shirai. Standing double stomp by Shirai. Kai kicks Shirai in the face. Shirai begs Kai to do it again. Shirai fires up but Kai cuts her off with a scorpion kick. Kai misses her running. boot in the corner. Kai and Shirai fight up to the top rope. Shirai pushes Kai into the tree of woe. Shirai crushes Kai with a double stomp off the top.

Kai kicks out. Kai hit a lung blower. Shirai kicks out and slaps on an armbar. Shirai eventually gets to the ropes. Kai blasts Shirai with the GTK. Shirai gets her foot on the rope. Kai accidentally kicks the referee in the head. Shirai hits her moonsault but there is no referee. Gonzalez hits the ring and powerbombs Shirai. Gonzalez drags Kai on top of Shirai. Shirai kicks out! Shirai locks Kai in a crossface. Kai rolls out of it. Shirai knees Kai in the face. Kai falls to the outside., Shirai hits a golden triangle moonsault to the outside that takes out both Kai and Gonzalez.  Shirai hits her moonsault for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai!

After the match, Gonzalez is about to attack Shirai but Ripley power walks to the ring. Gonzalez and Ripley go. nose-to-nose. Gonzalez walks away.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: September 11th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Dakota Kai vs. Jessi Kamea

Kai is in control early. Kai misses a boot in the corner. Kamea rolls up Kai for a near fall. Kai lands a basement dropkick. Kamea lands a sliding knee in the corner. Kamea lands a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kai trips Kamea into the bottom rope. Kai lands the GTK for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

After the match, Kai says she can’t wait to kick Io Shirai over and over again. Shirai hits the ring and attacks Kai. Renee Gonzalez appears out of nowhere and boots Shirai in the face. Gonzalez powerbombs Shirai.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: September 11th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Number One Contender’s Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai

Ripley and Kai lock up. Ripley pushes Kai clear across the ring. Kai grabs a side headlock. Kai forces Ripley to a knee. Kai chops Ripley in the chest. Ripley fires up and lands a few short-arm clotheslines. Dropkick by Ripley. Ripley sends Kai into the corner. Ripley drives her shoulder into Kai’s gut. Delayed vertical suplex by Ripley. Kai kicks out. Kai tries a wheelbarrow but Ripley reverses it into a facebuster. Kai kicks out again. Ripley locks Kai in a body scissor. Ripley turns it into a pin. Kai kicks out again. As soon as Kai gets to her feet, Ripley levels her with a lariat. Kai slips to the outside. Kai tries to trip Ripley but Ripley puts on the breaks. Ripley kicks Kai in the face. Ripley electric chair drops Kai face-first on the apron.

Kai manages to kick out at two. After the break, Kai has Ripley in a seated abdominal stretch. Kai turns it into a pin. Ripley kicks out then kicks Kai in the chest. Ripley lands another series of clotheslines. Ripley knees Kai in the gut over and over again. Basement dropkick by Ripley. Kai kicks out. Kai kicks Ripley in the head. Ripley and Kai trade strikes. Kai walks right into a flapjack by Ripley. Ripley only gets a two count. Kai reverses the Riptide into a nasty DDT. Ripley manages to kick out at 2.8. Ripley counters the Kairopractor into a big boot. Ripley puts Kai in the Prism Trap. Kai rolls Ripley into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Kai lands a running boot in the corner. Kai tries to superplex Ripley back into the ring. As the referee is distracted, Mercedes Martinez attacks Ripley from behind. Kai hits the Go To Kick for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

After the match, Martinez hits the ring again. Martinez drops Ripley with the air raid crash.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: September 11th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai and Tegan Nox

Early on, Nox tangled with Candice as the commentary team spoke about Tegan Nox being betrayed by friends. Both makeshift tag teams would display good teamwork offense before Candice would throw the NXT Women’s Champion into the steel steps to send us to our first commercial break.

Back from break, action would remain in a back-and-forth capacity. In the home stretch, Tegan hits Candice with The Shiniest Wizard when the referee is distracted while checking on Io and Dakota at ringside. Io then gets back up top and hits a moonsault for the pin and the win.

After the match, Dakota Kai leaves Candice behind not worrying about her well-being.

Dakota Kai is interviewed backstage about being the number one Contender, she says she’s no longer a team player. The newly platinum blond Rhea Ripley makes an appearance and said she’s glad Dakota is no longer a team player but she takes offense at her saying that she’s the number one contender before Kai says that she’s going to talk to General Manager Regal.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: August 4th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Io Shirai (c) vs. Tegan Nox

Nox gets in Shirai’s face during the intros. The referee rings the bell to start the match. Shirai and Nox lock up. They end up rolling around the ropes. Neither woman will release the lock-up. Nox flips Shirai down to the mat, while still holding onto the lock-up. Shirai gets to her feet and transition into an armbar that Shirai quickly counters. Nox bridges out of the hold and slaps on a hammerlock. Shirai turns that into a side headlock. Nox rolls Shirai into a pin, but Shirai quickly kicks out. Side headlock by Nox. Shirai rolls them both to the ropes. Shirai counters into a headlock of her own. Nox lands a series of arm drags into another pinning combination. Shirai kicks out. Nox and Shirai trade boots in the corner. Shirai blocks Nox’s PK attempts. Shirai slams Nox face-first on the apron. After the break, Nox and Shirai are trading strikes.

Shirai tries a springboard but Nox catches Shirai in mid-air. Nox hits a fallaway pin for a near fall. Shirai responds with a flying double knee strike. Nox kicks out. Shirai steps on Nox’s hands. Shirai pins Nox’s arm behind her and drives her knee into Nox’s injured hand. Shirai adds a rear chin lock for good measure. Nox fights to her feet. Bodyslam by Shirai. Shirai misses an elbow drop. Oklahoma roll by Nox. Shirai kicks out at 2.5. Shirai lights Nox up with a few knife-edge chops. Nox catches Shirai with a headbutt. Nox hits the ropes and ends up getting flap jacked. After the break, Shirai misses a double stomp. Nox rolls out of the ring. Shirai tries to whip Nox into the steps. Nox reverses it but Shirai puts on the breaks. Shirai sends Nox into the steps. Shirai misses a double knee strike as Nox moves out of the way. Shirai drives both knees into the ring steps.

Shirai is clutching at her knees in pain. Nox sends Shirai back into the ring. Shirai hits a butterfly backbreaker, but she hurts herself in the process. Nox rolls up Shirai. Shirai kicks out. Shirai German suplexes Nox. Nox kicks out. Shirai goes up top for a moonsault. Nox crotches Shirai on the top rope. Shirai falls into the tree of woe. Nox crushes Shirai with a senton. Shirai kicks out. Nox lands a few chops as she tries to get the feeling back in her arm. Nox lands another Senton. Nox gets another near fall after a diving crossbody. Chokeslam by Nox. Shirai kicks out. Nox is shocked. Nox lands multiple running European uppercuts in the corner. Shirai blocks the last attempt and German suplexes Nox into the corner. Meteora by Shirai. Shirai lands the tiger feint kick. Top rope missile dropkick by Shirai. Nox kicks out. Nox kicks Shirai in the knee as she tries another double undertook. Inverted suplex by Nox. Nox flattens Shirai with the Molly-Go-Round. Shirai somehow kicks out. Nox sets up the Shiniest Wizard. Shirai blocks it with a rising palm strike. Shirai lands her finishing Moonsault for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai!

As Shirai makes her way up the ramp, Dakota Kai boots her in the face. Kai stands over Shirai and peers into the ring, locking eyes with her former best friend Nox.

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: July 24th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Number One Contender’s Elimination Match: Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim vs. Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

LeRae rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell chimes. LeRae wants no parts of Yim. Dakota Kai follows suit. LeRae pulls Yim out of the ring.  LeRae rolls up Nox after a distraction from Kai. Yim misses a cannonball in the corner. LeRae slams Kai face-first onto the ring apron. Kai lands awkwardly. LeRae lands a moonsault to the outside, wiping out Nox. LeRae German suplexes Yim off the second rope.  Yim hits Protect Your Neck on LeRae for the pin.

Candice LeRae has been eliminated.

As Yim is trash-talking LeRae, Nox rolls Yim up for a near fall. Kai and Yim trade strikes. Yim puts Kai in a guillotine while having Nox in deathlock. Yim eventually releases the hold(s). Yim and Nox hit cannonballs on Kai. Yim and Nox pin Kai at the same time. Kai somehow manages to kick out. Kai rolls out of the ring. Yim and Nox shake hands and lock up. Nox almost hits the chokeslam. Yim decks Nox. Kai turns Nox inside out. Yim dives off Kai and hits a ranna on Nox. Yim lands topes on Kai and Nox. Yim blasts Kai with the code blue. Nox breaks up the pin. Kai rolls up Yim for the pin.

Mia Yim has been eliminated.

Nox and Kai go back and forth. Neither can hold the other down for a three count. Kai and Nox trade strikes. inverted suplex by Nox. Kai kicks out. Kai ducks the Shiniest Wizard. Kai puts Nox in her modified octopus hold. Nox turns it into a pin. Kai kicks out. Nox hits the Molly-Go-round. Nox follows that with the Shiniest Wizard for the win.

Winner- Tegan Nox

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: July 24th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez  

Carter is all over Gonzalez. Catanzaro chop blocks Gonzalez from behind. Catanzaro flips off of Carter but is caught by Gonzalez. Carter and Catanzaro double drop toe hold Gonzalez. Kai tags in. Carter tosses Catanzaro in the air. Catanzaro lands on Kai with a Thez press. Gonzalez attacks Catanzaro from behind. Kai and Gonzalez work over Catanzaro. Carter gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Wheelbarrow kick by Carter. Kai kicks out. Gonzalez powerbombs Catanzaro. Kai puts Catanzaro in a seated octopus hold. Catanzaro taps out.

Winners- Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: June 26th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Kayden Carter vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez

Carter is all over Kai. Kai uses Gonzalez as a shield. Kai attacks Carter from behind. Scorpion kick by Kai. Carter kicks out. Carter fires up and lands a few strikes. Victory Roll head kick by Carter. Kai kicks out again. Rope hang pedigree by Carter. After a distraction on the outside, Kai puts Carter in a modified octopus stretch for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: June 26th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results

Kacy Catanzaro vs. Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez

Kai traps Catanzaro in the corner. Kai tries a running boot but Catanzaro moves out of the way. Catanzaro hits a front flip leg drop. Kai boots Catanzaro into the corner. Kai lands a running boot. Catanzaro kicks out. Catanzaro surprises Kai with a sunset flip. Kai kicks out. Catanzaro crushes Kai in the corner with a clothesline. Before Catanzaro can take advantage, Kai lands a scorpion kick. Kai hits Go To Kick for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

After the match, Kai says she is coming for the title. Gonzalez and Kai try to beatdown Catanzaro. Kayden Carter hits the ring and ends up getting power bombed by Gonzalez

 Posted by: Dave
 Date: June 13th 2020
 Categories: NXT Results